What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a broad term, used to describe a feeling of worry and unease. This can range from mild to severe, and can present itself in a wide variety of symptoms.
In this section I will be talking about Generalised anxiety disorder. People with generalised anxiety will experience unnecessary worry, and overthink situations which affects day-to-day activities, and possibly impair their function to carry out simple tasks.

What are the symptoms of Anxiety?

Anxiety can cause a wide range of symptoms, and will affect individuals differently. Some of the most common symptoms you may be feeling if you have been diagnosed or suspect you have generalised anxiety are:

  • Overthinking

  • social fears

  • Health or money worries

  • Anticipation of dangers and disasters

  • Negatively forecasting the future

  • Perfectionism

  • Low confidence

  • Isolation

  • Panic attacks

  • Headaches

  • Irritability

  • Insomnia

  • Difficulty making decisions

  • Lack of focus and/or concentration

  • Need to be in control

How can hypnotherapy help Anxiety?

Most people with anxiety will report feeling weighed down with worry the majority of their days about things. Appropriate hypnotherapy sessions can be very successful in helping people with anxiety regain the ability to relax in the moment, and enjoy day-to-day life without overthinking. Many clients with anxiety also talk about how the physical and psychological symptoms effect their social interactions, work and every day activities leading to lowered confidence, and isolation. Solution focused hypnotherapy will help to improve your confidence to improve every area of your life.
We will also work together to target the more specific symptoms you may experience for example sleep patterns, and panic attacks.


What does hypnotherapy for depression involve?

Working together in a solution focused approach we will work on changing your thoughts and patterns of behaviours through talking therapy, and hypnosis.

I have seen many clients for anxiety, and as I previously suffered from anxiety myself I am very understanding of how doubtful you may feel that you will ever get better, but rest assured, like i did - after the free consultation you will walk away with a full understanding of what anxiety is, how your brain works and is affected by anxiety, and how we can change it with hypnotherapy.
 If you do not feel that solution focused hypnotherapy is the right path for you, there is absolutely no pressure or obligation for you to continue with sessions.

'My practice has built from a place of passion, compassion and understanding, and I would absolutely love to help you feel better, and live a positive, happy life. For more information, please book a free consultation - or feel free to contact me for a chat'. - Laura

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